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Soakin’ Up Sicily

As we gaze out upon the 2019 wine scene from our cushy College Park perch, we’d place Sicily at the top of the popularity heap, with new producers and wildly exciting expressions popping up practically weekly! And folks, believe the hype...this ancient island is undergoing a quality renaissance in the last ten years that rivals anything we’ve witnessed anywhere else. We know we’re long overdue for a deep-dive exploration of Sicily, so the buck stops here next month on Thursday 6/20 with “Soakin’ up Sicily”. We’ll feature whites and reds from all over the island including premium zones like Mt. Etna and Cerasuolo di Vittoria and white-hot producers like Benanti and Arianna Occhipinti. We’re really looking forward to this tasting because summer couldn’t be a more apropros time to reconnect with this quintessential Mediterranean paradise...join us and soak up the finest in vinous refreshment!

$25/person, RSVP required.